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Our Projects

One of the key aims of the Society is to encourage and broaden enjoyment of the Museum and its collections in as many ways as possible.  We place great emphasis on encouraging a new generation to use and enjoy the Museum, and do this through our commitment to the Museum’s Learning Team.

The educational service run by the Learning Team is working to maintain and improve its services in three areas:-

  1. The revised 2014 National Curriculum requires schools to choose appropriate topics and themes, the team will encourage them to follow those which can be supported with sessions in the Museum, and its resources.

  2. The Learning Team aims to continue holding a range of family events in school holidays and encourage new audiences and old friends to return.  The Society has donated funds to family activity days through 2015, and encourage participation in all of the Museum’s activities.  These have included Punch and Judy shows, a presentation on the origins and history of White Weddings and print and picture making days alongside the exhibition of works by Frances Disley.

  3. The Learning Team offers a wide range of interpretations to link with Museum exhibitions and permanent collections.

The Society has committed to give financial and physical support to the Learning Team’s efforts in these areas and is actively seeking help from local businesses through sponsorship to assist in meeting these obligations to the Team – If you wish to be a member of the Grosvenor Museum Society please see our page Get Involved for further details.