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The Grosvenor Museum Society’s lectures 2024

All events are in the lecture theatre, at the Grosvenor Museum.  

Doors will open just before 2pm the lecture commences at 2.30pm prompt.

Tuesday 9th April at 2.30      
Jean Finney – a talk on the Origins of Nursery Rhymes

Jean’s talk takes us back in time to tell English history in a most unusual fashion.  It will take us all the way back to rhymes of Henry VIII’s time with many surprises along the way.

Childhood is one of the very few experiences which we all have in common.  Nursery rhymes are as popular as ever and probably better known by infants than was the case in the mid-20th century.  Young children and their parents, carers and grandparents delight in their catchy rhymes all chanting along together. Most of the infants – and many grown-ups - have no idea of the meaning of the words and content. Rhymes from abroad are recited in pre-school nurseries with the old favourites enriching our tradition.  Older children delight in corrupting and updating the words with anarchic results.  Jean uncovers their origins and traces their development over more than 600 years. 

Jean is a many talented performer with a reputation for her humorous and engaging manner.  She will lead us on a trip into our own memories and recollections of our childhood.

Tuesday 7th May at 7.30
Derek Arnold -  The Sinking of the Thetis

The Royal Navy submarine HMS Thetis sank during sea trials in Liverpool Bay in June 1939.  Derek’s lecture brings home the dangers and tragedies for submariners.  They faced unforeseen problems when the limits of experimental engineering were pushed as a new generation of submarines were commissioned for service.